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Data Governance and Data Quality

Modern organisations have vast amounts of data, creating the need to improve awareness of the accuracy & availability of this data and gain control

Information Excellence is our approach to putting in place the necessary skills, tools, processes, and understanding to give our clients the capability to actively manage their Data Quality. Starting with a detailed Data Audit, Our Data Quality Management (DQM) approach monitors and improves the quality of data, resolving pressing issues and raising awareness throughout the organisation of what data is “fit for purpose.


Data Governance is a framework for defining organisation structure, processes, systems and controls to ensure that data is managed as a strategic asset across the business. Good Data Governance supports business strategy by delivering high quality data to meet business needs and to demonstrate compliance with data-related legislation and regulation. Data Governance is owned by the business (not by IT) because:

  • Data is a business asset

  • Data quality and compliance are business issues


Data Governance applies to all sectors, both commercial and government, in-sourced and out-sourced. Data is a universal asset and data quality is a universal problem

The Taleos Data Governance Framework focuses on leveraging data quality, data governance and data management principles as a means to drive the usage of data as a corporate asset with a view to optimising business efficiency and effectiveness in alignment with business objectives

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