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Business Intelligence

Organisations continue to make key business decisions using information from voluminous reports or fragmented data in personal spread sheets. A comprehensive BI Strategy is indispensable to ensure the right information is in front of the right people at the right time and in the right analytical format.

Working towards a common goal needs all functional departments to have a unified view of data/information available at the same time. Siloed BI initiatives and functional data models provide scattered views of organisation’s data – no single vision

  • Organisational insight is required at all levels; individual, group, corporate. Each level create/apply their own business rules and interpretations of the common enterprise data.

  • Most BI implementations are tailored for specific technology and application platforms and hence cannot take advantage of the technology advancements and continually improve the BI service.

  • Organisations need an Integrated view of both internal and external data without compromising security, privacy and legislative compliance. BI systems often turn into IT owned black-boxes – no clear visibility or traceability of the end to end process


A well-defined BI strategy should answer some of the following questions

  • What is our vision for information and what should the high-level BI roadmap of initiatives look like?

  • What metrics should we use to manage the MI implementation and fulfilment of BI business goals

  • What capabilities and tools are required to make information available and useful?

  • What are the dependencies?

  • What kind of governance and operating model do we need to support BI Initiatives?

  • What data and technical architecture is required to support the BI vision?

Major barriers to building a successful BI strategy include lack of alignment between IT and the business and the tendency to jump to technology decisions or architecture diagrams without considering what business problems the organisation is trying to solve. 

At Taleos Consulting, we help organisations and implement a holistic BI Strategy to enable faster processing, better data quality and improved compliance, enabling improved BI and decision making.

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