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Enterprise Data Management

Faced with the growing problem of unreliable data, many organisations have turned to Enterprise Data Management (EDM) to get their information management efforts back on track. Unfortunately, many are using EDM to address the symptoms of bad data, when the only way to really solve the problem is to address its root causes. Because when data is inaccurate at the point of creation, it can continue to create headaches deep inside the system.

Effective enterprise data management addresses the source of data problems like these, but it doesn’t stop there. EDM also helps manage data across its entire lifecycle. A comprehensive EDM solution includes capabilities in:

  • defining data strategies and a clear vision to manage data as an asset

  • profiling, cleansing and monitoring to improve data quality

  • implementing effective data governance and monitoring - to provide on-going oversight and enforcement of standards and procedures

  • designing and managing enterprise data models to identify where data its and how it is used in the organisation

  • Building a data landscape to get to grips with all of the data in the organisation and mapping it flows from source (often legacy) to exploitation

  • master data management. Improvements in these areas can help produce the kind of data your business can rely on – from the beginning


Data Management isn’t an end in itself; it is an enabler. Organisations need the ability to exploit their data, but struggle to gain maximum value without appropriate data management.

As an enabler, we look at the value of what it successful EDM provides our clients with

  • Ability to drive cost savings & cost avoidance (often in the £millions)

  • Increase confidence and reputation; by delivering firm answers to key questions and getting them right first time.

  • Reduce exposure to financial & operational risks

Taleos Consulting has broad experience in delivering Data Management solutions to our clients across the world in various domains. Enterprise Data Management is one of the foundational service offerings in Veritas’ services portfolio for Data Consulting Services.

Our holistic approach to Enterprise Data Management covers the full lifecycle of data, including:

  • Data Vision & Strategy

  • Data Governance 

  • Data Quality Management

  • Data Landscaping

  • Master Data Management 

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